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We can help you with any kitchen remodeling project in New Orleans. From something simple like replacing some backsplash tile, to more complex remodels, we can take care of it all.

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Let's talk about kitchen remodeling more specifically, and some of the things we can help with.


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Cabinet Replacement or Refacing

Maple is a medium to hardwood with curly, wavy, or straight grain. Well known for its great resilience and robustness, maple has a mild, uniform look that produces a fine, clean appearance when stained. This wood is fantastic for a light, airy-kitchen, or, a melodramatic kitchen with darker finishes.


Oak is a strong, heavy wood with a coarse-grain that differs from austere to a distinguishing comprehensive arch pattern. Available in both white and red varieties, oak is wonderful cabinetry choice due to its dateless complementary characteristics that blends with so many differing design styles. Moreover, it stains well in standard finish-colors.

Cherry is popular for its sleek grain and uncommon hue that softens in appearance and intensifies as it ages, just like fine wine. Deemed an opulent wood due to its upscale price, cherry wood has pinkish-brown shades and sporadic hues of gray, green or white. In darker hues, cherry instills a warm sophistication in any room.

Counter Replacement

Stainless steel gives a modernized appearance to any kitchen. This material blends easily with any color and is effortless to keep clean. The most appealing trait about this radiant material is its ability to impede bacteria-buildup making it extremely hygienic.

Granite is one of the most popular kitchen countertop choices today. Granite is a fantastic choice when upgrading a kitchen; it complements most design styles so there’s no need to remove it with every kitchen remodel. Granite is heat resistant up to 535-degrees Fahrenheit.

Marble is expensive and infrequently seen on whole kitchen counter tops. Many times, you will find marble on kitchen islands or as an inset at a baking-center. Marble needs looking after as it stains easily. However, some modern sealers thwart staining. Marble is heatproof and eye-catching.

Sink Installation And Replacement

Kitchen sinks are usually made from hammered-copper, giving them a luxurious antiquated appearance. Copper sinks can be found in various shades and normally sealed to thwart corrosion. Without sealing, copper can be protected with wax and will require intermittent polishing. Shun abrasive chemicals and instead use mild-soap and water for cleaning.

Porcelain sinks are frequently used for vanities. They can be found in self-rimming under-mount or over-mount designs. Porcelain is easy to break or chip; hence, their infrequent use in kitchen sinks.

Ceramic or “fireclay” sinks are comparable with vitreous-china yet more robust and long-lasting. Ceramic may have a matte or glossy finish and typical colors are off-white or white though you may find grey, black, or blue hues.

Granite is probably the most hard-wearing material on the market today. The high-density of rock components of this durable material make the surface heat, chip, and scratch resistant.

Flooring Replacement And Refinishing

As a floor material, hardwood is considered the ultimate in floor beauty and sophistication. Hardwood floors are always in style. Hardwood is a bit uncomfortable to stand on for extended periods; however, placing area rugs or mats should suffice. Hardwood stands-up against stains and spills as well.

Tile floors are a fantastic choice for kitchens. They are resilient against spills and foot-traffic, and resistant against bacteria and odors. It is a versatile, hardwearing floor with a plethora of fun colors and designs to choose from. However, tile surfaces can be cold and delicate kitchenware, when dropped, can break on impact.

Linoleum is a good choice for kitchen floors due to its durability and choice of colors. It withstands foot-traffic, scratching, heat, and water. In addition, linoleum is naturally antistatic, antibacterial, hygienic, and easy to clean.

Concrete kitchen floors create an urban-chic look in kitchens. It looks similar to stone but cheaper. Concrete can be scored, textured, and dyed to produce almost any look conceivable. It’s easy to clean and water-resistant. Moreover, it inhibits odors, mildew, and mold.

Lighting Installation-contemporary Kitchen Lighting

There are plenty of options of contemporary kitchen lighting designs with various capabilities. Some lights are installed for kitchen cabinets, some dangle from the ceiling and others are attached to the wall. The right merger of these lighting styles can create a unique ambiance that people look for in a modern kitchen. For example, LED lights are a very special type of lighting frequently used for kitchen cupboards and above sinks. Various contemporary lighting styles include recessed lighting, wall sconces, and pendant lighting.

Complete Tiling Solution

Floor color, countertops, and backsplashes are the key features of a kitchen color scheme. If you are remodeling your kitchen from scratch, you have a world of color options at your feet. What’s most important is to maintain a simple color scheme and incorporate unique shades via accents and small ornaments. This gives you the opportunity to alter your theme with time without the need to replace the entire component.

When selecting kitchen tile, think about where it will go first. Glossy tile for the wall will not be the same tile used for flooring. Flooring tile needs another resiliency. Here are a few tips to take into consideration:

  • Kitchen tile can be expensive, so make sure you have your budget planned out and do your homework.
  • Know the difference between tiles. The term “tile” is attributed to resilient materials positioned in row onto a surface. For kitchens, this could mean glass, porcelain, ceramic, bamboo, vinyl, cork, stone, or quarry.
  • Select a kitchen tile that can holdup to your lifestyle and the habits of those who live within your home, especially when it comes to floor tiles. Remember, to purchase tiles for the floor labeled “floor tile.”
  • Because backsplash is not vulnerable to direct heavy-traffic, you have a much broader range of choices from glossy to painted tiles. Choose from stone, glass, ceramic, or porcelain materials for your backsplash design.

TIP: Be sure to research your tile options to make your dream of the ideal kitchen come true.

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