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Let's get into a bit more detail on what kind of things we can help with when you're thinking about remodeling your bathroom.

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Shower Remodels: Enclosures And Acrylic Showers

This type of shower enclosure can be framed or unframed and normally suitable for shower surfaces that are curved. Acrylic is sturdy and low maintenance. Acrylic shower enclosures are great for walk-in shower areas with no doors. This material adds a sleek appearance to any bathroom décor.

Modern showers are designed with privacy and intimacy in mind. Combining an acrylic enclosure with a stone or mosaic-tiled floor gives a shower area its own unique design.

Combine an acrylic shower with a claw-foot bathtub, hexagonal floor tiles, and wood-paneled walls to create a distinctive vintage styled bath space.


Homeowners and those who prefer showering to bathing are seeking to intensify their daily shower experience by adding spa innovations such as multiple-shower heads with massaging jets, steam showers, and chromatherapy. A frameless acrylic door tempered with fiberglass completes the ambiance.

Bathtub Replacement And Resurfacing

Most homeowners will probably prefer replacing their old bathtub with a newer, sleeker model, rather than resurfacing it. If the goal is to upgrade to a Jacuzzi with high-powered water jets then replacement is the only alternative if the tub is a standard size. However, if a bathtub is satisfactory in appearance, a facelift should do the trick. Making a color change, removing hard-water damage or chips, and resurfacing it can be less costly and stressful down the line.

Remember, that a full replacement frequently requires total demolition of that part of the bathroom, which means tearing down walls, removing the sink, cabinets, and toilet, and replacing plumbing parts, not including new tiling. Whether to resurface or replace will depend on you budget and time. Keep in mind, your bathroom may not be available during a complete replacement.

Toilet Installation And Replacement

Toilets are available under two categories: one-piece or two-piece. The one-piece toilet is formed into one unit for easy cleaning. This toilet usually includes bolt caps, bolts, wax ring, seat, lid, bowl, and tank in one package. Two-piece toilets include a separate bowl and tank. These pieces can be purchased separately or together. The seat is usually sold separately as well. However, two-piece toilets are the most popular.

A growing trend in bathroom remodeling is the walk-In bathtub. Seniors and individuals with mobility challenges are the majority of customers for this bathtub type. Walk-In tubs incorporate practical features like easy to reach faucets, multiple grab bars, and slip resistant tub flooring.

Cabinet And Vanity Replacement for Refurbishing

The types of woods used for bath vanities is much the same as woods used for kitchen cabinetry such as cherry, maple, and oak. Cherry wood is usually associated with sophistication but may be too dark for bathroom décor, unless the bathroom is quite large. Both maple and oak are popular for casual and traditional bath styles. Maple provides a close uniform-grain, while oak is an open-grain that may incorporate white or red color hues.

If your bathroom or vanity cabinets look a bit worn, it may not be necessary to replace them. Instead, you can refurbish your cabinets or vanity and return them to their former glory. The method you use to refurbish your cabinet or vanity depends on the material.

Countertop Replacement And Refurbishing

Ceramic, granite, tile, and marble are all suitable materials for bathroom countertops. Ceramic is strong and durable, granite is the most hard-wearing material of the three. Tiles are resistant to bacteria and odors making them perfect for bathroom environments. Marble is expensive and stains easily but this shouldn’t be a problem in a bathroom setting. Tiles are the most popular; however, refurbishing any of these materials could be problematical. Replacement is usually the best option.

Sink And Faucet Installation And Replacement

Sink installation will depend on the type of sink selected. Whether pedestal, wall-hung, or vanity style, a professional installer will know the best way to make certain your sink is sturdy.

Glass is a popular material for vessel sinks. Glass sinks can be found in a lovely range of hues creating stunning effects. Glass is very easy to clean.

Porcelain is extremely durable and low maintenance but requires a strong support system as it is quite heavy.

Ceramic sinks are strong and durable. They can be found in glossy or matt finishes.

Floor Replacement Or Refinishing

Linoleum works well for bathroom floors. Properties include resistance to water, heat, and foot-traffic.

Tiles are resilient against spills and foot-traffic. Properties include resistance to odors and bacteria and exciting colors and designs. However, tiles can break easily on impact.

Concrete is water resistant and prevents mold, mildew, and odors. This material works well for bathroom floors, but is not as popular as tiles.

Hardwood floors are elegant and stunning. This material can be used for bathroom floors but many homeowners worry about moisture. However, hardwood bathroom floors can be treated to resist persistent dampness.

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