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New Orleans Window Replacement and Installation

ODS Renovations is the Choice for Quality Window Installation and Repair!

If you live in the heat of New Orleans, you know better than most the importance of a cool home. One of the major troubles that many local homeowners face, however, is a home that is not properly insulated to keep the cool air in. One of the main culprits of this decrease in efficiency is poor quality windows or poor installation methods. Fortunately for you, the experts at ODS Renovations can help you with all of your window needs.

We Make Installation Easy

When you choose us for a new construction job, we can install the windows in a hurry. Our licensed, certified and bonded workers know what it takes to install all of today's windows, and they will do it with a smile on their faces. From the initial prep work to the time that we are finalizing the seal, we will make sure that your windows are perfect for your needs.

Repair Made Easy

Broken window pains are a part of daily living, and ODS Renovations can quickly repair your windows when the need arises. Whether you need a new pain of glass or the hardware on your window is no longer working, our expert builders can quickly and correctly diagnose what is wrong with your window. They will then get to work to finish the repair in a hurry. By having us try to repair the window first, you may be able to save on the cost of window replacement.

We Do Replacements for Less

In those instances when we cannot repair your window, or for those times when you decide that you want to upgrade your windows, ODS Renovations is also the first choice for this as well. Our team will quickly remove your existing windows, and we will dispose of them properly. Your new windows will look and perform great when installed by our team.

The Variety that You Need

ODS Renovations offers you with different types of windows that are suited for your needs New Orleans:

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Double Hung Windows traditional-porch

These classic windows are found in many homes, and they offer you with a beautiful look. The bottom pain slides open to allow airflow into your home. It is a timeless look that works well in any type of home.

Bay Windows contemporary-exterior

A classic look for any room with a view, bay windows offer you with unobstructed panoramic views. We have bay windows for sale in many different sizes and styles that will fit any budget.

Casement Windows traditional-kitchen

These windows are a great choice for older homes or rooms where you want to be able to swing a window open. While not as common as other types of windows, we have a wide selection for sale.

Vinyl Windows contemporary-living-room

For increased efficiency and increased performance, the only choice is vinyl. We offer you an impressive selection of energy-efficient vinyl windows that look and perform great.

Brace for the Next Storm

In addition to quality windows, ODS Renovations also provides you with weather-proof window shutters that are designed to help you prepare quickly for a storm. Our weather-proof shutters look great, and more importantly, they perform when they are called upon to protect your home from the raging storm.

About Us

ODS Renovations is a local New Orleans remodeling and renovation company that serves the needs of homes and businesses in the greater NOLA area. We give personalized attention to every client, large and small. The cornerstone of our reputation is built on combining quality craftsmanship with competitive pricing on everything from a large kitchen remodeling job to a small bathroom update.

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