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Custom New Orleans Pergolas, Gazebos, and Sheds

ODS Renovations has been successfully serving the New Orleans area for many years. Putting craftsmanship above anything else, ODS Renovations makes sure that they treat every home remodeling project as if it were their own.

We've built a solid reputation in the New Orleans area as one of the best remodeling company, and if you're thinking about building an outdoor structure, it's important that you choose the right company that believes in creating a product that will blow you away.

If you want to learn why ODS Renovations should build your next yard structure and why hundreds have chosen us in the past, be sure to contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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An arbor is a small piece of framework that will support any sort of climbing plants on the property. This structure is often found at the beginning of a walkway or can be arched over a gate.


A gazebo is a freestanding, octagonal structure that has a pitched roof with open sides all around. A gazebo can provide full shade without obstructing the views that surround it. It isn't uncommon to find a gazebo screened in to prevent bugs from getting in.

Greenhouse traditional-landscape

A greenhouse is a freestanding, enclosed structure that is used to create a microclimate within the walls. This structure is great for homeowners who want to grow exotic plants or food year round.

Patio Cover contemporary-patio

A patio cover is an attached structure that will provide coverage to an outdoor patio. This structure is designed to keep guests cool and dry. A patio cover will either have an open concept or it can be made from a solid material.


A pergola is a freestanding structure that will have an open roof that is supported either by pillars or columns. Pergolas are often found at the beginning of a walking path or near an outdoor living space to provide adequate shade during those hot, sunny days.

Pool House farmhouse-pool

A pool house is a freestanding enclosed structure that is installed a few feet away from the pool. This structure has endless options like an indoor kitchen, bathroom, game room or even a spare bedroom for guests who are visiting. A pool house is a great place to store pool supplies, change after a swim and for house guests while they are enjoying the pool.

ramada modern-pool

A ramada is freestanding structure that is very similar to a pergola. This structure will offer complete shade as well as protection from any weather like rain. The closed roof on a ramada will trap the heat, which makes it a great resting spot during the cooler nights. A ramada is often placed near an outdoor fireplace or outdoor kitchen to maximize its space.

Storage Shed modern-garage-and-shed

A shed is a single-story structure that is used for storage or even as a workshop. Sheds can vary in styles, colors and size. The main types of sheds used today are often made from a metal or wood frame that is surrounded by wood.


A trellis is a flat piece of lattice used to give vines a place to climb and grow. A trellis is often created to add flavor to a blank wall or to add height to an existing fence.

Some of these terms can have different meanings for various contractors. Be sure to explain exactly what you want to a contractor or designer before they start building it. As long as you communicate these factors clearly, you will end up with a structure that you can be happy with.

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ODS Renovations is a local New Orleans remodeling and renovation company that serves the needs of homes and businesses in the greater NOLA area. We give personalized attention to every client, large and small. The cornerstone of our reputation is built on combining quality craftsmanship with competitive pricing on everything from a large kitchen remodeling job to a small bathroom update.

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