Fiber Cement Siding Costs In the New Orleans

Below you will find the basic costs of fiber cement siding for a 375 sq ft to a 401 sq ft residence. This is purely a rough calculation of cost you would incur when installing fiber cement siding.

  • Fiber Cement Siding Cost

    fiber cement 1Non-reduced retail price for standard, mid-grade wood siding. Quantity consists of basic installation waste, fabrication-overage, substance for additional repairs and delivery within 25 miles.

    Quantity: 401 sq ft
    Lower-end cost: $900.11
    Higher-end cost: $1,525.35

  • Fiber Cement Siding Labor

    Labor expenses to install fiber cement siding.

    Quantity: 11.7-hours Lower-end cost: $315.88 Higher-end cost: $358.18

  • Fiber Cement Siding Work Materials and Supplies

    Expenditures for supplies that might be incurred to install fiber cement siding counting; decay resistant fasteners, weather stripping and sealants, flashing and exterior-grade caulking.

    Quantity: 375 sq ft Lower-end cost: $130.28 Higher-end cost: $141.07

  • Fiber Cement Siding Equipment Stipend

    Job associated expenses of specialty-equipment used for job quality and proficiency, including 10-inch miter saw, 3-inch belt sander, 3 ΒΌ -electric planer, electric jigsaw, pneumatic finish-nailer.

    Lower-end cost: $50.25 Higher-end cost: $66.75

  • Total Cost for Installation:

    Lower-end: $1,396.51 Higher-end: $2,091.35

  • Average Cost per sq ft:

    Lower-end: $3.72 Higher-end: $5.58

Additional Fiber Cement Siding Information

fiber cement 2Cement fiber siding is offered in both sheet and board form. Boards are utilized to mimic more conventional wood and shingle siding, and from far-off, it is nearly impossible to notice the difference. It can be used for siding on interior and exterior walls. For specific rooms within a property, it can be a perfect choice and create the ideal effect.

Due to the mixture of cement fiber siding (cement, sand, recycled content) it is durable and easy to camouflage with paint making it resistant to pest and deterioration. Cement fiberboard can be used for corner boards around windows and doors, smooth panel application, and lap siding application.

Fiber Cement Siding Tips:

  • Installing fiber cement siding is a delicate job. Boards and sheets are vulnerable to breakage if not handled carefully and in the proper manner. Consequently, it is important that you hire the services of professional, skilled, and experienced siding specialists. A specialist contractor will make sure that you receive the most from your siding purchase.
  • Fiber cement siding is more expensive than aluminum and vinyl, but less costly than wood. Of course, higher quality materials will be more expensive. Some companies offer warranties up to 50 years.
  • For the best value on fiber cement siding installation, merge associated projects, get bids from multiple professional companies, and be flexible about project scheduling.